Moore's Pharmacy About Us

We take pride in our excellent service.

Moore's Pharmacy is an independently owned group of pharmacies that has proudly served central Mississippi for the past 52 years. We are a family business who takes pride in our services and want nothing more than your satisfaction. Since being built in 1959, we have always done everything possible to provide you with the best care and service. Recently many independent pharmacies much like Moore's Pharmacy had to close their doors due to changes in the government and the very rapid growth of large conglomerate chain pharmacies and mail order pharmacies. People's appreciation of community pharmacy services was once feared as becoming forgotten but we as the only independent pharmacy in Carthage, Sebastopol, and Walnut Grove will proudly stay and serve as your community pharmacy.

We have a very friendly staff that will greet you with a smile every time you enter the pharmacy. If you would like to see why Americans rate independent community pharmacies as the "highest in overall satisfaction and customer service" then come see us. It has been estimated that it costs 290 billion dollars each year due to patients improperly taking their medication. Independent pharmacies can help reduce these costs and ensure your safety by providing expert medication counseling and ways to make the daily hassle more convenient.

Walnut Grove

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